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Trust and integrity are building blocks of Chicago’s wonderful community, and our dental practice reflects these values. We believe that building a transparent, trusting relationship with patients is key to unlocking their best smiles. With a hard-working, knowledgeable team, we are confident that we provide Chicago with the dental care they need from a trusted dentist.

Meet Your Preferred Dentist

Dr. Jeffery Korkus

Growing up in the Chicago area, Dr. Korkus has always felt a strong connection with his community. He knew early on that he wanted a profession in the medical field to help his hometown, which led him to pursue dentistry. After several years of studying and practice, Dr. Korkus graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in Molecular and Cellular Biology and received his DDS from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Knowledgeable and friendly, Dr. Korkus is excited to help the community that he knows and loves.

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Root Canal Therapy

This procedure may be necessary for patients with an infection or inflammation in the roots of the tooth. With our trusted care and knowledge, we can alleviate the point of discomfort and have you smiling again.

Root For Your Smile
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Tooth extractions are sometimes needed for your long-term oral health. We can effectively ease oral pain with a quick and painless extraction procedure.

Extract The Issue
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Dental Fillings

Cavities can develop in teeth and can cause oral pain and usually require dental fillings. We offer our patients the choice of amalgam or composite resin as the bonding agent for this procedure.

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